Online Transaction

What is Online Transaction?

Online Transaction is the safest and fastest way in buying or selling US Dollar, this transaction is made thru bank to bank or Internet Banking, you don't need to go out from your shop or home to change your dollar into peso or to buy dollar from us, use the INTERNET BANKING of BDO so that we can transact anytime and anywhere. Remember Safety is our priority.

How it works?

For example; if you need to change your dollar currency to Philippine peso, you have to deposit your dollar first to our Dollar Account, then we will deposit the equivalent amount in peso to your peso account.

The same way if you want to buy dollar from us.

What we need from you is, "YOUR TRUST TO US".

For more details call us @ Landline: 2112509 or 5252307 Mobile: 0917.5152964 / 0917.8071970