Registered Business in Malate Manila

FOREX Buyer & Seller
Acctg/Auditing Services
Admin Office
Advertising Services
Aircon Installation Services
Amusement/Recreational Ctr
Audio Visual Production
Auto Repair Shop
Bakery Shop
Barber Shop
Beauty Parlor
Billiard/Pool Hall
Bldg Maintenance Svcs
Booking Office
Bowling Alley
Business Agent/Agency
Business Consultancy Svcs
Cable Co.
Car Rental
Car Wash Svcs
Cargo Forwarder
Cargo Handling Svcs
Carpentry Shop
Chartering Svcs
Civil Indl Consultancy Svcs
Coffee Shop
Gold Storage
Collection Svcs
Commercial Bank
Commercial Broker
Comp & Information Technology
Comp Consultancy Svcs
Comp Graphics Design & Layout
Comp Housing Design Svcs
Computer Installation Svcs
Computer Internet Svcs
Comp Printing Svcs
Comp Program & Software Svcs
Comp Rentals for Education
Comp Rentals for Games
Comp Repair Svcs
Computer Services
Computer Trng/Tutorial Svcs
Consultancy Services
Contr/Sub-Contr of Garments
Copying Services
Courier Services
Customs Brokerage
Dealer 2nd-Hand Appliances
Dealer 2nd-Hand Gen. MDSE
Dental Clinic
Dental Lab
Dermatological Clinic
Design Services
DormitoryBoarding House/BedSP
Drafting & Enlarging Services
Dress Shop
Driving Learning Ctr
Drug Testing
Electrical Installation Svcs
Employment Agency
Event Organizer
Fast Food
Financial Inst+Holding Co
Financial/Lending Investor
First Class Rest w/ Liquor
Floor Sanding Services
Flower Arrangement Svcs
Food Catering Svcs
Freight Forwarder
Gas Station
Gasoline Services
Gen. Bldg Contractor
Gen. Engg Contractor
Hauling Services
Holding Co.
Hotel Occupancy
Ink/Ribbon Refilling Svcs
Installation Services
Insurance Agency
Insurance Co.
Insurance Services
Internet Cafe
Janitorial Services Contr
Junk Shop
Key Duplication Services
Landscaping Services
Language Translation & Interpreter
Language Training Services
Laundry Services
Law Firm/Law Office
Learning Center for Children
Learning Center for Music
Learning Institution
Learning/Educational Institution
Legal Services
Liaison Office
Lighterage Services
Manning & Crewing Services
Marine Consultancy Services
Massage Clinic
Mechanical/Machine Repair Shop
Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic (Corp)
Medical Lab
Medical Services
Messengerial Services Contr
Manufacturer of Garments
MFTR Sales/Purchasing Office
Mgt Consultancy Services
Mining Services
Mktg Consultancy Services
Music Lounge
Non-Life Insurance
Off-Fronton Betting Station
Off-Track Betting Station
Optical Clinic
Parking Lots
Pension House
Pension INSS
Pest Control Services
Photo Developing Services
Photo Finishing
Photo Services
Photographic & Video Services
Photographic Studio
Postal/Mailing Station
Pre-Need Plan
Printers/Printing Services
Private Warehouse
Private Recruitment
Prof Office
Professional Office
Promotion Services
Public Consultancy Services
R E Dealer
R E Developer
R E Lessor
R E Sub-Lessor
Reflexology Services
Rental of Audio & Video Materials
Rentals of Equipment
Rental of Party Needs
Rental of Token Operated Video
Rental of Video Tapes
Repacker of Bakery Product
Repair Service of Cellphones
Repair Service of Electronics
Repair Service of Elevators
Repair Service of Ref/Aircon
Representative Office
Restaurant - Sale of Beer/Wine
Retail Accessories
Retail Aircon Part & Supplies
Retail Auto/Motorcycle Supplies
Retail Bags & Footwear
Retail Bakery Products
Retail Cars/Motor Vehicles
Retail Cell phone/Accessories
Retail Comp
Retail Comp Spare Parts
Retail Comp/Software Products
Retail Derma/Cosmetics Product
Retail Drug/Medicines
Retail Dry Goods
Retail Electrical Supplies
Retail Fashion Accessories
Retail Flowers
Retail Furniture
Retail Gen Merchandise
Retail Grocery
Retail Hardware/Lumber
Retail Home Appliances
Retail Ice Cream
Retail Kitchenwares
Retail Leather Goods
Retail LPG/Cooking Gas
Retail Meat
Retail Medical/Dental Supplies
Retail Musical Instruments
Retail Novelty Items
Retail Office Supplies
Retail Purified Water/Water Refilling
Retail Rice
Retail Roasted Chicken
Retail RTW
Retail School Supplies
Retail Sea Products
Retail Shawarma
Retail Used Clothing
Sale of Food & Drinks
Sari Sari Store
Saving Bank
Second Class Rest w/ Liquor
Sewing Contractor
Ship Chandler
Ship Management Services
Shipping Agency
Shipping Lines
Shopping Center
Sign Painter/Art Sign Shop
Slenderizing/Body Bldg Saloon
Tailor Shop
Take-out Counter
Talent Center
Ticketing Office
Tour Operator
Transport Contractor Services
Travel Agency
Travel Consultancy Services
Training Center
Training Center for Caregiver
Training Center for Hotel Personnel
Training Center for Marines
Training Center for Performing Artist
Training/Review Center for Nursing
Trucking Services
Tutorial/Training Services
Vocational School
Voluntary Association
Vulcanizing Shop
Watch Repair Shop
Security Agency
Wholesale Gen Merchandise
X-RAY Clinical Lab
Yakult Peddler