Pinay nurse stabbed in Riyadh allegedly over makeup

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino nurse who had been working at the National Guard Hospital’s emergency ward in Saudi Arabia was stabbed by an alleged mentally ill man with a knife for wearing makeup.

Nailas was tipped off by a Filipino in Riyadh on condition of anonymity that the female nurse is now recovering from the incident.

A separate report from online news site Arab News on Monday said the assailant arrived in his car and covered his face with a head scarf before grabbing the nurse in the emergency ward and attempted to slit her throat with a knife because she was wearing makeup.

The Nailas source, who spoke with the victim's husband, however clarified that the Filipina nurse was not wearing makeup at the time of the incident.

The man, who was aged between 18 and 20, was quickly apprehended by the military police present at the hospital. The Arab News report said he had a history of drug abuse.

The assailant’s father was also reportedly a National Guard officer.

Esteban Conejos Jr, Department of Foreign Affairs undersecretary, said in a text message that they have yet to receive a report on the incident involving the Filipina nurse in Riyadh.