Create AHCI ICH8M SATA driver in floppy disk

This utility creates a floppy disk containing driver files which can be used to pre-install the onboard Intel SATA RAID/BASE/AHCI driver during the initial portion of Windows® installation setup. You can also use the files to update controller drivers from within Windows if a previous version has already been installed. Please note that a clean installation of Windows XP requires these files to be ready on a floppy diskette during the initial phase of the Windows installation. If you are installing Windows Vista, these files can be located on a separate drive, CD/DVD, USB flash drive or floppy diskette.

If you are trying to downgrade your laptop from Windows Vista to Windows XP and NO HARD DISK detected, click HERE.

This software should only be used on your system if you have Serial ATA drives on one of the applicable controller hubs (listed below).

If you are using Parallel ATA (IDE/PATA) hard drive(s), you should be able to use the Microsoft® native storage driver built into Windows®.

If you are not using a RAID array, but are installing Windows on the drive(s) connected to the onboard SATA controller hub, only install the drivers for the SATA controller to enable AHCI mode during a clean OS installation, using F6 (for Windows XP installation) or when prompted to add drivers (Windows Vista installation) to install drivers from floppy during the OS installation.

Hardware RAID arrays should be created by accessing the separate Intel SATA RAID BIOS by pressing the Ctrl+I keys when prompted upon starting or rebooting your computer. If the operating system is to be installed on drives configured as RAID 0, RAID 1, or RAID 10, you should create the hardware RAID array before installing your operating system. You will only see the Intel SATA RAID BIOS screen if you have enabled SATA RAID support in your motherboard's BIOS settings.

Installation Details (download link follows below)
If you are installing the operating system onto a RAID volume or applicable SATA controller, you should pre-install the RAID or AHCI driver using the method described below:

1. Insert an undamaged standard 1.44 MB floppy disc into your floppy drive.

2. Execute the F6flpy32.exe file (or F6flpy64.exe file for a 64-bit version of Windows) after you have downloaded it below. The floppy creator will format and write the needed files to your floppy disc. You may have to try to run the installation again if any error message appears related to the status of the floppy disk. >>>NEXT PAGE