Beware of Fraud Money Changer

To all travelers, expatriates, businessmans, OFW's and everyone who use to change their foreign currency to Philippine Peso or use to buy foreign currency, please beware the FRAUD Money Changer in Philippines, particularly in Malate Manila.

Get lesson from here and here.


1. Canvass first the rate of each money changer.

2. Mostly the rate of US Dollar in every money changer has a difference from .01 up to .05 cent.
3. If you find rate for US dollar with more than 1 peso compare to other money changer, DON'T CHANGE YOUR MONEY, IT'S A FRAUD.
4. Don't deal with a person on the street, telling you the money changer with high exchange rate, its a lie.

5. Count your money INFRONT of Money Changer Counter before you leave.

6. Never give back your money to the counter if they ask to recount, if your counting is correct.