Banned from Adsense


Getting banned from Adsense instantly renders all your displayed ads useless. Your revenue will stop and all earnings held in your account will be frozen, and its likely that you'll never see them again.

When you are banned from Adsense, your web domain, home address, name and phone number will be stored as a black list to prevent your from registering again. In some cases this leads to MFA sites that try to sell you a banned domain, avoid at all costs!

For some of you being banned from Adsense comes as a compete surprise. In these cases its almost always worth contacting Google explaining your situation and the reasons why you feel you have been unfairly banned. As always, when writing to people you should NOT use any aggressive or rude language and you should not point fingers and associate blame. This will not improve your chances of being reinstated. Google runs a huge business and one extra guy complaining about being banned will not bother them too much, so be polite and get your point heard.

Try to construct an email in Word first and check the spelling and punctuation. If you know your adsense contact then you could try writing to them directly and explaining your situation.

In most of the cases we have heard about, publishers who have used Adsense for several months and have received payments before have a greater chance of being reinstated. If you are new to Adsense and have yet to receive your first payment then you are going to have to prove yourself to be an honest person who has been wrongly accused.

For those of you who have clicked on your own ads or asked other people to click them, then the chances of being reinstated are almost zero. You should have been more careful in the first place to avoid this kind of thing. However, some people do make mistakes and theres always life after adsense.

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Tips to increase chances of Adsense reinstatement after a ban:

1. Write a well formatted, spell checked and grammar checked email to Google as soon as possible

2. Keep your email short and to the point

3. Provide examples of web logs or previous recent activity

4. Be polite and do not use aggressive language in any form

5. Try and write to your personal Adsense contact who you may have received emails from in the past

6. Don't give up trying