My Public Apology to Adsense Google

I would like to apology to Google/Adsense that, I unintentionally violated your rules for the adsense. The reason was, because of my ignorance and I did not read the entire rules when I sign up, as you know most of the users are not reading the rules when they sign up in the internet. Do they?

When I started our webpage ( in, I think almost one month now, my intention was just to advertise our business which is Money Changer.

While I’m constructing the page layout and at the same time browsing the internet, I found interesting blog site(I forgot the url) regarding revenue in adsense by just clicking the advertisement in your website, so I immediately sign up for adsense without reading the entire rules, then I got the code for adsense and pasted in our website and start telling my friends, my chat mate, my office mate and to everyone I know, I asked them to click the advertisement, because all I know is when somebody clicks on my ads, I get revenue.

But I keep reading and watching video regarding the adsense until yesterday (3-December 2008) I read the rules that; “CLICKING YOUR OWN ADS ”, “ASKING SOMEONE TO CLICK THE ADS” or CLICKING THE ADS IN ANY WAY WHICH IS NOT GENUINE from visitor of your website is absolutely PROHIBITED.

Now I know the rules, I know I’m guilt and I really REGRET what I did.

I already started telling my friends NOT TO CLICK the ads in our website because it’s against the rules of adsense if not genuine, although my account is still waiting for approval but I have to stop it because THE RULES IS RULES.

Once again, I’m begging Adsense/Google pardon for my mistake I did, my regret is really from the bottom my heart, If necessary to remove the amount in my account and make it ZERO amounts just to accept my apology, please do it.

I hope you accept my apology.

Thank you very much.

To All new to Adsense and Rules violators

My advice to you is.

Please don’t try to be a clever, because people in Adsense/Google are clever than you.