Can not detect SATA drive downgrade Vista to WindowsXP-Page3

4. Integration of the driver files (Example is given with "nLite")

In the first dialog "nLite" asks for the preferred language. Choose the language you prefer (in this example "English") and continue with "Next":

In the next dialog, "nLite" asks for the folder which contains the Windows XP setup files. Search the folder by clicking on "Browse.." and choosing the folder "XPCD".

Continue to the next screen by clicking on "Next":

In the following dialog choose the "Buttons Drivers" and "Bootable ISO". Continue by clicking on "Next":

In this dialog click on "Insert" and "Single Driver" to choose the needed drivers:

A window will open and ask for an "*.ini" file. Go to the folder where the drivers are and choose the "iaahci.ini". Click on "Open":

Choose the chipset which is installed in your system and click on "OK". If unsure which chipset is installed, go to "Step 1" of "2. Downloading and unpacking driverfiles"

In this example the drivers from the Intel website were loaded which contain all available drivers. If you choose the driver from the Toshiba website only one driver will be available which must be chosen.

In this example the previously determined "Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller" (also called "ICH8M") will be chosen:

The driver is now ready to be integrated into the new Windows XP image. Click on "Next" to continue to the next step:

Please wait until "nLite" has finished the integration procedure and click on "Next":

The drivers are now integrated and the image is ready to be created. Choose "Create Image" and click on "Make ISO" to start the image creation:

The image will be created after you have chosen the destination folder and the filename. After creation the ISO file can be written on a empty CD/DVD with a burning program (e.g. "Ahead Nero"):

Now you can install WindXP on your machine without the need of an external USB floppy drive.